The Haunting of Lock 49 East

 , By Ronald Howard Livingston
on Monday, July, 14 2014 11:52:54 pm   , 758 words  
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Though Louisa, weighed down by the basket of stones, sank immediately, the children struggled to stay afloat. more »

Maypops (Passiflora incarnata)

 , By Ronald Howard Livingston
on Wednesday, July, 02 2014 07:45:46 pm   , 609 words  
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One of the most beautiful, intricate, and complex flowers seen this time of year throughout the southern area of the United States is that of the Maypop (or Purple Passionflower) plant, Passiflora incarnata, one of the more than 500 species of the genus Passiflora. more »

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