Another Rudd Connection

 , By Ronald Howard Livingston
on Tuesday, August, 30 2016 12:47:00 am   , 187 words  
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(William Cullen Rudd)

Researching today for a blog entry I've been working on, I took a tangent in links and came upon the entry for John Davison Rockefeller. I noted with interest that his sister, Mary Ann, married a Rudd.  I clicked on her link and noted that her husband was William Cullen Rudd (1845-1915).  I noticed that he was born, raised, and died in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, and is buried there in Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland, the same cemetery in which John D. is interred.  Some of my ancestors had been in Cuyahoga County and then moved to Drayton Plains, Oakland County, Michigan. In a nearby county in Michigan, one of my ancestors of that line married the daughter of Lucy Rudd who was the daughter of Silas, oldest son of Increase Rudd---about whom I recently blogged.  Increase (1734 - 1803) was the son of Joseph W. Rudd (1708 - 1787) who was the son of Nathaniel Rudd (1652 -1727).  Nathaniel (1652) was also the father of Nathaniel Rudd (b. 1707), ancestor of William Cullen Rudd.

I thought the genealogical connection and the coincidental timing of my discovery of it was interesting and thus noteworthy.



Comment from: Kimberly [Visitor]
KimberlySometimes we find connections just by happenstance. If you hadn't followed that link, you would not have discovered this bit of information.
08/30/16 @ 01:35
Comment from: sheila [Visitor]
sheilaI currently own the house that was once owned by mary anne Rockefeller rudd and Willima Cullen Rudd. Both died in the house and their last son Frank rudd lived there until his death in 1966. It is located at 13204 Euclid Ave
08/26/19 @ 14:50

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