Re-Grown Cabbages

 , By Ronald Howard Livingston
on Friday, January, 30 2015 05:19:00 am   , 244 words  
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There are many kinds of vegetables that you can re-grow from scraps you can plant rather than discard.  One of the easiest of such vegetables to re-grow is cabbage.  I have three cabbage "plugs" (the stem-end from a head of cabbage, which most of us just cut off and toss in the trash) growing right now. Despite what some online sources say, you can simply take the "plug" and place it atop some wet soil, and then scoop any loose soil or compost around and slightly over the plug. (There really isn't any need to place it on a wet paper towel and wait for rootlets to appear. Heck, if it grows, it grows!)  In about a week, the plug, if watered sufficiently, will show budding as in the second photo herein). They will not form heads of cabbage the size of the one the stem came from, but rather three or so smaller heads that eventually can be harvested and used just like the original store-bought head. Often times, they do not head before hot weather slows them down, but they will produce quite a bunch of leaves, in which case just harvest them (before the slugs and  roly-poly pillbugs get to them) and cook and eat them like collard greens! (If you are growing cabbages already, you can take a short cut by simply cutting off the head and leaving the bottom leaves to feed the re-growth that will appear soon after.)

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