Native Plums in Bloom

 , By Ronald Howard Livingston
on Saturday, February, 21 2015 04:05:00 am   , 40 words  
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My Mexican Plums (Prunus mexicana S. Wats) are in bloom.  The abundance of flowers helps make it easy to find and identify these trees. Just walk through the woods and look for a place where it appears to be snowing!



Comment from: Kimberly [Visitor]
KimberlyPlums are one of my favourite spring bloomers. The fragrance is so wonderful; not to mention the beauty of the flowers and the wonderful jam one can make with the fruit.
02/21/15 @ 05:10
Comment from: admin [Member]  
Ronald Howard LivingstonYes, the sweet fragrance of these blooms fills the air throughout the vicinity of the trees. I made jam year before last from the fruit from these trees. It was easy to do and the jam was delicious.
02/22/15 @ 19:02

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