Landrace Neat Cattle

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Landrace neat cattle (and landrace animals in general) are members of domesticated populations which have been left to pretty much "raise themselves" with no selective breeding conducted by humans; instead, these animals have undergone survival of the fittest (mainly through natural selection, though overseen by humans over time for economic exploitation). Landrace populations are representative of animals long endemic to a particular geographical area that thus manifest the characteristics best apt to be beneficial in that environment.



Cattle brought mainly from Spain as early as Columbus' second voyage (1493) contributed their genetics to the further spread of bovines into the mainland of the New World, such as the arrival of Hernán Cortés in Mexico in 1519 and the 1521 expedition to Florida of Juan Ponce de León. These stock introductions and the spread of small populations from them led to the development of landrace breeds such as the Florida Cracker (or Scrub) Cattle, Pineywoods Cattle of the U. S. Gulf Coast region, Criollo Cattle of Mexico (variously called Corriente Cattle in Sonora and adjacent areas, and Chinampo in Baja California), and Texas Longhorns. (The Texas Longhorn breed has become a standardized breed, now with breed standards, a breed registry, and breed association.)  Landrace breeds in the United States from non-Spanish ancestry are represented by the Lineback and Randall breeds which originated from cattle brought to the New England states from the British Isles.






(The bull in the top picture and the young brown bull in the second,  fourth, and fifth pictures are for sale.  If you are interested in purchase or desire more information about these particular cattle, contact me by using the contact form of this website).





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