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 , By Ronald Howard Livingston
on Wednesday, November, 03 2021 04:11:00 am   , 176 words  
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Are you tempted to call any of those 1-800 numbers given out night and day in commercials touting additional Medicare benefits not available with original Medicare?  Before you call, you  might want to do a bit of research on what is really offered and what you may actually get instead of what the spokesperson spiel alleges, like up to $1700 added over the year to your social security.


HERE is a good place to start. The comments, though kind of scary, are helpful.


In spite of the hype that somehow you can get money added to your social security, THIS site clarifies that "give back" is "rather a colloquial name for a Medicare Part B premium reduction included in some Medicare Advantage plans."  


The commercials, some featuring familiar and popular celebrities as spokespersons, do not explain that you are being  cajoled "to disenroll from traditional Medicare, the public health insurance plan," and that "if you leave traditional Medicare and enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, you very well might not be able to switch back to traditional Medicare."

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